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Evidence of ancient villages and covered rivers and drains just down the road from Park Farm!

We've had a team of a archaeologists pacing around fields close to Park Farm this week and their little orange flags are now in place at special positions following in depth scanning of the area and a large rectangular hole has now been dug.  When I paid a visit this week, the archaeologist on site explained that he could make out from the first layers of soil by colour and the pebbles that were being raked away, that there had been a mighty drain or river bank at this location!  I find it incredible as I honestly could not really see much of a difference!  The scanning equipment had picked out some evidence that beneath the soil at this spot was matter that had been burnt in some way shape or form and that can include pottery remains which retain a particular traceable element that can be picked up by the equipment during the firing part of the production process.  It could also be the site of fires and/or burnt remains!  All very interesting.   Apparently in this part of Somerset there were many Saxon round houses and the archaeologist showed me maps of the land that clearly demonstrated the aerial views of circles of such dwellings.  All this going on, just down the road from where we live!  Very exciting.  The farmer on whose land the digging is taking place may well be in for a windfall if some treasure is excavated from the soil!  I'll keep on taking my walk that way for the minute as frankly I'm very inquisitive and have a keen interest in the history of the area.